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So you are faced with high maintenance costs, constant downtime, and never realizing the full potential of the supercharger. But worst of all, you are deprived of reaching your goal to go faster and truly enjoying your car.

But finally, there is a solution! For the C5 and C6 Corvette, "The Flip Drive", by Hormilla Performance Engineering, will solve all the problems that have plagued previous supercharger systems. It's easy to install, inexpensive, and highly upgradeable! The patent-pending design of "The Flip Drive" redistributes power to key engine accessories, alleviating the tremendous strain your supercharger poses on your belt system. Through the flip drive you create a more direct line of power transmission between the crank and the supercharger head unit. The Accessories are now spun by the rear plane of power that was once before used solely by the AC compressor.

The Kit includes:
• Flip Drive Assembly
• Alternator Tensioning System
• 4 rib belt (AC Drive)
• 6 rib belt (Accessory Drive)
• Power Steering Hose and adapters
List Price: $899.95
Our Price: $849.95


Product Specification
Product Specification
  • To sum it up..
    • Raising the boost/power level ceiling for when belt slip occurs for a given belt width (ex: 6 rib, 8 rib, etc)
    • Cog drive becomes a viable option
    • Reduced stress on accessories due to high belt tensions from the supercharger
    • Higher belt wrap on crank pulley for increased traction which reduces belt slippage
    • Lower cost of blower belts due to shorter lengths and longer belt replacement intervals
    • When switching to a different belt type (ex: 6 rib, 8 rib, cog, etc) there is no need for custom/expensive pulleys for the accessories, just the crank and supercharger require new pulleys when switching belt types.
    • The HPE Flip Drive works equally well on most available supercharger setups from several different vendors.

    Some have tried to improve the rigidity of their serpentine belt system for supercharging by adding bracing to many of the weak areas, but why go through the hassle and the expense when there is a better and simpler way. Get yourself the HPE Flip Drive and rid yourself of the many problems that so many have endured over the years.