Located in Garwood NJ, Cartek Racing was started in 1997 by Julio Hormilla is an electronics engineer by trade who has worked with some of the world's top engineering companies and has been in love with the idea of high performance since he was a child. Extracting every ounce of performance is his goal.

Julian and Maxwell Hormilla handle the day to day operations such as sales, scheduling and shipping. Cartek is a family owned business that prides itself also on delivering quality and customer service.

Cartek's Research and Development program is what keeps us producing cutting edge performance that is second to none. This is shown through our constant progression toward newer, better, more efficient combinations that keep us, and you, ahead of the competition. Research and development is our biggest asset; our in house machine shop and porting area in combination with our fully automated flow bench allow us to continue to squeeze more and more out of the many custom tailored combinations that we produce. For example flow bench testing on cylinder heads is more than meets the eye here at Cartek, using velocity probes to empirically ascertain the real gains in a port by mapping it out as opposed to using the old school "we'll hog it out to make it flow better" approach. Bigger numbers don't always mean better, just look at our track results. Our on track performance speaks for itself; the proof is in the pudding.

We like to think outside the box here by using technology that is said by some to be unnecessary. This allows us to see things that would normally be overlooked; giving us the chance to see the light while others wander aimlessly in the dark installing off the shelf standard out of the box parts that ultimately may not yield the desired results.

We just don't slap parts on...we test, we install, we dyno, we run it at the track, and then we start all over again. We do this because in our eyes "it will never be good enough". We even expand upon our research methods as well as continue to collect data that in the end will give you the best performance available for your application.

All projects are handled with the care, professional attention, and most importantly the skill that they deserve. Our team collectively has decades of cumulative knowledge in the automotive industry. The most important fact about all members of our team is that we all share one thing, that automobiles are not just a nine to five thing for us; it is a way of life... "It's our passion". You can see it when you talk to any of us, we love what we do, and strive to deliver only the best.

Come see for yourself, we have an open door policy. You don't have to buy anything to step through our doors. We are more than happy to show anyone around. We love taking the opportunity to get to know someone new in the automotive community and just talk cars