Cartek from the release of the LS engine has been at the fore front; pushing the envelope of what can be done with the LS series of engine. An example of our commitment to being on the cutting edge we were able to be among the first as well as the first in most of the circumstances of placing the LS powered C5 Corvettes in the 11's, 10's, 9's, 8's and the first for the C6s to do the same.

We were putting cars in the 8's before most other shops could go 9's, running those numbers meant we were making more power than other shops by a large amount. The same remains true today. Not only were we able to get these cars to be the fastest of their kind at the time, but we were also able to replicate the results in countless customer's projects. One of our most well known attributes is for setting the performance bar as well as being able to reset it.

Be asured that your ride will be in very capable hands with decades of experience on tap. For some reference we have included a small number of the cars we have completed over the years.

We have a wide range of packages to select from
They have been pieced together to give the driver the most bang per dollar enjoyment that they can have. Each package contains a combination of parts that work very well with each other to improve the performance and efficiency of your vehicle while also saving you money versus buying the components seperately.

We have categorized the packages into groups for your particular ride to help streamline the selection process for those looking for a particular type of setup. No matter what the setup, be it just bolt-ons, cam only, heads & cam, supercharger or turbocharged we have the combination that will meet your needs and desires.

Please select from the above menu, one of the categories to see what we have to offer. Remember that these are not the only combinations that we have available, but an overview of some of our most popular selections.

Let Cartek be the source for your next speed fix today.